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State & Local Government

Be Confident with Your State & Municipal Cybersecurity Budget

Apollo Has Embedded SLED Experience

Prioritize Your Cybersecurity Spend with a Deep Understanding of Your Real Threat Environment

Cybersecurity budget allocation should not be guesswork and the outcome of your program should not be a surprise. Apollo’s specialists are deeply embedded in the state and local sector and combine that expertise with visibility of the active real-world threats targeting you and your critical assets.

  • Optimize Your Existing Budget
  • Consolidate tools and platforms
  • Offload time and labor to specialists
  • Expand your capabilities and visibility

Remove Uncertainty In Your Cybersecurity Program

Human Threat Intel

Understand the real-world threats targeting you and your critical assets and know how to defend against them

Managed Services

Deploy and configure your technology with a team of specialists who manage everything you need 24/7

Incident Response

Embedded security specialists who respond to incidents in hours with a focus on getting you operational

Assessments & Training

Know and understand your security posture and security gaps, and how to close those gaps

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure you are compliant with state and local regulations and industry standard frameworks

Planning & Exercises

Pressure test your response plan and your team with highly-effective kinetic exercises

Remove the Guesswork Around Your Security Posture

Schedule a consultation with our government specialists today and ensure your cybersecurity budget is optimized and effective.

Remove the Guesswork Around Your Security Posture