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Apollo Election Security

It's All About the Integrity and Security of the Election Process

Protecting elections from cyberthreats is crucial to promote and preserve the integrity of a free and fair election.

Misinformation, direct attacks, and insider threats all pose serious risks to democracy. With cybercriminals becoming increasingly sophisticated, election security is more critical than ever. At Apollo, we deliver cutting-edge solutions to safeguard the integrity of our country's most sacred process.

  • Teams with professionals that have Secret and Top-Secret clearances, providing the highest level of expertise and security.

  • Some of the nation's most experienced security professionals who specialize in election security.

  • The latest technology and expert guidance to help you develop and implement effective cybersecurity plans and policies.

  • Technology and guidance for cybersecurity plans and policies and prioritized plans to know what to tackle first.

Security Assessments

Assess the election processes at the local offices where the elections happen. Identify potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the voting process and offer detailed reports and recommendations to improve security

Managed Election Security

Apollo provides the hardware, software, and services to secure the election network, including gear installation, SIEM monitoring, connectivity to the SOC, and ongoing threat monitoring

Security Policy

Establish Information Security and Election Security Policies and supporting plans, including continuity plans and incident response plans incorporated to meet critical milestones for cybersecurity requirements

Security Training

Training on the election process, including threat immersion to provide an understanding of how cybercriminals operate, the information they typically seek, how to defend against vishing and phishing, and other best practices for election cybersecurity

Security Monitoring

A 24/7 SOC, monitoring of the network for potential cyber threats and a team to take immediate actions and keep you informed through alerts and regular reporting that align with your defined escalation path

Threat Intelligence

Early warning of threats to the election processes, networks, and supply chain. Our team keeps officials informed of the environment around their state’s elections to stay ahead of and mitigate any threats