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Apollo Information SystemsTM

The Confidence You Need to Challenge the Next Era of Cybersecurity Threats

It’s time to take the gloves off

Too many in the security space have made half-baked promises, sold ineffective solutions, or were simply incapable of addressing the challenges we all face in protecting what is most valuable to us.

The threat actors hold all of the cards and continually get away with unprecedented crimes. Meanwhile, we are all at risk of losing everything that is important to us. With a simple miscalculation or keystroke, we could lose our livelihood.

You need to be able to protect yourself in your way. To defend against threats that are engineered specifically for you and your organization.

You know we can’t do it alone, but you don’t want a bill of useless goods.

You need a security partner who is accountable, who knows your business, and who is not afraid to fight back.

Our Leadership

Mike Guglielmo Apollo Information Systems CEO
Dave Tyson Apollo Information Systems President & CSO
Andy Bennett Apollo Information Systems VP Technology and CISO

Mike Guglielmo

Dave Tyson
President & CSO

Andy Bennett

Ed MacBeth Apollo Information Systems VP Sales & Business Development
Tim McCreight Apollo Information Systems VP Business Development - Canada
Jennifer Gold Apollo Information Systems VP Head of Threat Intelligence

Ed MacBeth
VP Sales & Business Development

Tim McCreight
VP - Canada

Jennifer Gold
VP Head of Threat Intelligence

Justin Current Apollo Information Systems Sr. Director Professional Services
Eddie Block Apollo Information Systems Sr. Director Engineering
RJ Friedman Apollo Information Systems Director Head of Managed Services

Justin Current
VP Service Delivery

Eddie Block
Sr. Director Technology Strategy, General Counsel

RJ Friedman
Director Head of Managed Services

Why Apollo

Direct Access

The people at Apollo came from the trenches as CISOs and know the job better than anyone, providing global expertise and world-class capabilities unmatched in the industry with the same price tag.


Apollo focuses on solving the real and tangible business problems with solutions that not only enhance your security but also advances your business, so that you can safely prosper long-term.

Complete Solutions

Apollo’s “one size fits one” philosophy drives a focus on the specific business and industry, transcending transactional relationships into trusted and reliable partnerships. We find the right tool for the job.

About Apollo

Apollo Information Systems, Corp.TM, operating in the USA and Canada, is a security leader for high-stakes organizations and businesses. With more than twenty years in cybersecurity and IT, Apollo has created a legacy of creating urgent and active resilience using the best tools, approaches, and solutions available across multiple industry verticals and government branches. 

Apollo’s dynamic defense approach to cybersecurity changes the rules of engagement on traditional detect-and-respond practices, so organizations can be confident against a hostile environment of threats and uncertainty. Our approach simply aligns the protection of what matters the most to the organization to the most efficient allocation of protection per dollar. Apollo is led by some of the most respected professionals in the security industry who are steeped in real-world operational experience across multiple industry verticals and government branches. 

Apollo's enormous suite of solutions and services offers complete cybersecurity defense from early warning and threat intelligence to professional advisory services and incident response.