Knowing Your Cybersecurity Weaknesses Should Not Be Guesswork

The cybersecurity industry is full of companies advertising a one-size fits all security solution. Apollo knows that there no single solution will solve your cybersecurity woes, and that there are too few professionals available that truly understand security. You want the best, but how do you get a highly-skilled, proven CISO for your organization?

With Apollo, you do not need to find a single individual to address your cybersecurity needs. We hire some the most respected CISOs in the industry and have them prioritize solutions and run teams that actually fix your problems. All are available at your fingertips.

Our CISOs understand and optimize your organizational resiliency and readiness. They will show you how to know for certain what your security gaps are and how to fill them. We can help you you’re your compliance and regulatory requirements; we helped write them. All so you can best protect what is most important to your organization.

Understand and optimize your organizational resiliency and readiness

Know for certain what your security gaps are and how to fill them

Ensure you are compliant with trade standards and government regulations

Protect what is most important to your organization

Consulting & Expertise

Want to work directly with our CISOs? Need a security focused team of individuals to supplement your workforce? Apollo provides direct consulting from our pool of CISOs directly to you. We also have the trained and experienced individuals on standby to help plug the gaps in your cybersecurity and IT programs. From establishing security programs from scratch, to helping organizations understand the nuances of a specific control or piece of legislation, we are here to help you.


Want to know how you measure up against attacks, or that you are in compliance with your regulatory duties? Just getting started and overwhelmed by cybersecurity frameworks, or need help with understanding a control catalog? We perform assessments against any framework, anywhere in the work. We will then provide the consulting and recommendations on how to remediate any shortcomings in your cybersecurity program.

Compromise Assessments

Worried you may have been breached, but your tools missed it? We have designed an assessment specifically to validate the most common attack vectors against your environment. Our experts analyze your systems for indicators that you have been breached as well as common security holes and provide comprehensive reports and recommendations to give you peace of mind.

Penetration Testing

Attackers look for vulnerabilities in your network, and then exploit them to get to what they really want: a way to monetize on your business, at your expense. Different vulnerabilities are present from within and outside of your network. Apollo’s bench of penetration testers can show you just how far into your network a determined attacker can get, and provides recommendations on how to plug the holes in your security.

Tabletop Exercises

It's not a matter of if you will get attacked. It’s a matter of when. Practicing for an attack helps your team respond faster and more efficiently when there is one. Rather than providing a general tabletop scenario that anyone can just download, we review your response plans, customize the scenarios, and facilitate tabletops that will have the most benefit to your team. Our post-action reporting lets you know where your processes and systems are weak and how to make your organization more resilient.

Want even more out of your tabletop trainings? Our Kinetic Tabletop shows you exactly how your team and tools will respond to an actual malware intrusion in your environment.

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