The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth………..

Uncategorized / September 30, 2011 / by Dave Tyson

At least according to Microsoft a few years ago, and if that’s true then the earth will be led by a new breed of technology leader…I call them the “Alpha Geek”. In a room full of Alpha Males or Females you can quickly find him or her by listening carefully, they are speaking a new language for technology professionals. For these people have evolved from simple Geeks and propeller heads into technology leaders who understand it’s not just about the technology. As a matter of fact, they have come to realize, like many of us, that in the absence of effective process and well trained people, technology can actually make a business situation worse.

While at the ASIS International Conference in Orlando last week I was on a panel with one such Alpha Geek, and make no mistake this title is used as a term of respect. His name was Mike Nelson, and he is an executive researcher at the Leading Edge Forum and a professor at Georgetown University.

I was pleasantly surprised that although he was incredibly technologically savvy, he could easily articulate the entire business problem in terms of people and process and was knowledgeable about the solutions.

I say it’s about time and welcome to the party. Now you can lead some of your brethren to understanding that it’s not all about the technology ……..and we will all be happy.


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