Strategic Advisory

Cyber Attackers' Sophisticated Tools and Tradecraft Have Made Cybersecurity a Critical Business Issue

Whether in the cloud, the store or the factory, new interconnected technologies have outpaced the traditional IT ability to secure the environment easily.

Apollo's Approach

Our consultants use proven methodology designed to optimize reliability, repeatability and verifiability results..

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Standard Program Consulting

Apollo provides individual security services and subject matter consulting for every situation. As a first step, Apollo’s Security Consultants gather information from the client’s environment to understand the business’s information security issues. This information is gathered using interviews, onsite inspections and documentation reviews.

Cybersecurity Strategy Development

Proprietary methodology that works in today’s cyber threat environment. This methodology continuously evolves with the changing threats to ensure the most efficient approach is used. The best place for organizations to begin their strategy development program is to assess their current state and develop a plan and roadmap for the business conditions and threats of today.

Security Assessment & Roadmap

Apollo offers an unbiased assessment of your current security program’s state, including its people, tools and operating models. The assessment delivers a no-nonsense understanding of your security risk in business terms and is a core step in building a long-term security program. The assessment, combined with the strategy work components, allows for the development of a multi-year program and roadmap.

Health Check Security Review

Apollo’s Health Check Security Review identifies the strengths and weaknesses in your organization’s internal, cloud and outsourced security controls. This includes: hardware and software systems, networks, clouds, 3rd parties, databases, and human resource systems.

Threat Assessment

The Threat Assessment identifies and assesses the risks to which an organization and its assets are exposed to cyber hacker groups. Apollo Analysts will identify likely threats from known and unknown threat relevant for your specific business. They will identify attack surfaces using open source and proprietary security intelligence sources. Once businesses have a clear understanding of the risks in their environment, they can make business decisions to mitigate and manage those risks.

Penetration Testing

Whether local, in the data center, or in the cloud, business systems should be tested regularly to validate security and for evidence of intrusion. Apollo’s application and systems testing deliver information about the protection level of standard, custom and COTS applications.

What Sets Apollo Apart

Apollo professional services are led by boardroom-tested Chief Information Security Officers with real-world operational experience across multiple industry verticals and government branches.

  • Focus

We're singularly focused on helping our clients succeed by protecting them from current and future threats.

  • Experience

We have extensive experience across multiple industries and government entities over the course of many years.

  • Expertise

We have highly respected former CISOs from the public and private sector who work directly with our clients.

  • Approach

We endeavor to understand our clients and the cybersecurity challenges within the unique environments in which they operate.

  • Experience

We do what we say we're going to do and we're not afraid to have tough conversations with our clients.

  • Expertise

We offer consulting, professional services and technology solutions so we're capable of addressing challenges holistically.

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