Security Operations Planning & Programs

For Security to be Effective, Organizations Must Understand Their Cybersecurity Risk in Real Time

The security operations function is generally the core of most security teams providing needed insight into operational data and the company’s evolving risk position.

Apollo's Approach

Apollo leads security with a strategic approach when designing, assessing, and implementing security operations and planning programs. The program’s goals and objectives, in addition to the leadership’s expectations and needs, are all necessary drivers for aligning the right resources to meet client expectations.

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Security Program & Roadmap Development

Apollo’s security roadmaps span across people, process and technology and are the starting point for an enterprise security program. Whether it’s through provision of a proven security leader for the entire program or an engagement for one function, Apollo has the team to get it done right.

Security Monitoring

Security monitoring provides a broad range of security information for analysis in driving mitigation prioritization. Typically, the function combines network and application data into toolsets that utilize analysis engines to identify incidents or risks to act upon.

Tools & Teams

Ensuring the right technologies and policies are in place for mobile devices, ensuring critical digital IP is not shared with unauthorized parties, and protecting the company's data from broad misuse.

Threat Intelligence

Understanding threat intelligence provides you with critical information about how to protect your organization where the traditional approaches cannot.

Security Engineering

The backbone to security operation programs is the ability to assess and define secure practices and their implementations. Whether it’s the design of network or application controls, cloud security architecture, mobile devices, online social media or critical 3rd par ties, all have specific requirements that need to be correctly engineered and integrated into the security program.

Application Security Services

Defining the correct design environment for application development is the first step in building secure applications. Whether it is the development of a secure software development lifecycle (SDLC), modifying an existing program for an agile software development approach, or designing security for a container environment, we have a solution for all approaches.

What Sets Apollo Apart

Apollo professional services are led by boardroom-tested Chief Information Security Officers with real-world operational experience across multiple industry verticals and government branches.

  • Focus

We're singularly focused on helping our clients succeed by protecting them from current and future threats.

  • Experience

We have extensive experience across multiple industries and government entities over the course of many years.

  • Expertise

We have highly respected former CISOs from the public and private sector who work directly with our clients.

  • Approach

We endeavor to understand our clients and the cybersecurity challenges within the unique environments in which they operate.

  • Experience

We do what we say we're going to do and we're not afraid to have tough conversations with our clients.

  • Expertise

We offer consulting, professional services and technology solutions so we're capable of addressing challenges holistically.

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