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Phishing is the Most Common Cyberattack Faced by Organizations of All Sizes

Phishing is the most common cyberattack faced by organizations of all sizes and is the most common way hackers deliver ransomware.

Apollo's Approach

With the constant threat of ransomware, an organization can take steps to reduce the likelihood of being a target of an attack and to facilitate the recovery process. There are three areas to address when tackling your ransomware preparedness - People, Processes and Technology. Once these fundamentals are in place, there are many other security tools and systems that monitor and analyze information across the enterprise to identify and stop cyber threats of all varieties.

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No Charge Ransomware Consultation

Speak to an experienced Incident Responder to understand where the risks are and learn what your organization should be aware of and set priorities

Penetration Testing

Trust but verify by having your security tested by hacker-grade professionals to understand how hackers and ransomware can get in and spread. Apollo with develop a prioritized plan to remediate your risk.

Preparedness Assessment

Wondering just how much work you have to do as an organization? Bring the Apollo team in for a full assessment and find out what you are doing right, what is not in place, and how to align with your risk level.

Resilience Building & Architecture

Systems architecture and resilience building take a deep dive into the technology to understand how the current architecture protects the organization and eliminates future risks.

Incident Response Planning & Management

Don’t wait for the attackers to decide for you. Come up with a plan in advance and develop that plan in coordination with skilled and tested incident responders. The Apollo team has helped hundreds of organizations work through this challenging process. It takes time, but it’s100% worth the effort.

Tabletop Exercises & Testing

It is better to make mistakes in a low-risk practice scenario rather than during an actual attack. Tabletop exercises are an industry recognized best practice and are used to explore and improve incident response plans quickly.

Education & Training

Don’t leave your staff unprepared. Cybersecurity awareness training is a critical component of any effective security program.

What Sets Apollo Apart

Apollo professional services are led by boardroom-tested Chief Information Security Officers with real-world operational experience across multiple industry verticals and government branches.

  • Focus

We're singularly focused on helping our clients succeed by protecting them from current and future threats.

  • Experience

We have extensive experience across multiple industries and government entities over the course of many years.

  • Expertise

We have highly respected former CISOs from the public and private sector who work directly with our clients.

  • Approach

We endeavor to understand our clients and the cybersecurity challenges within the unique environments in which they operate.

  • Experience

We do what we say we're going to do and we're not afraid to have tough conversations with our clients.

  • Expertise

We offer consulting, professional services and technology solutions so we're capable of addressing challenges holistically.

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