Apollo President Dave Tyson Joins the Private Directors Association as Co-Chair Cyber Security Initiative

Private Board of Directors Organization, PDA, brings Dave Tyson into Security Leadership Role to Provide Cybersecurity Expertise for Members

Los Gatos, CA – September 1, 2020 –

Dave Tyson, Apollo president and CSO, was invited to serve as Co-Chair for the Cyber Security Initiative by the Private Directors Association (PDA). The newly established initiative was created as a mission-critical resource for PDA members to educate them on strategic cybersecurity governance at the board level, increase their cybersecurity literacy, and launch professional development programs that improve their cybersecurity governance capabilities.

In his role as co-chair, Tyson will lead the development of webinars, white papers, guidelines, and training to provide comprehensive and accessible education for senior leaders of private companies. The primary focus of the initiative is to educate board members on their fiduciary responsibilities relating to cybersecurity and reducing their personal liability and risk. Education will also include how boards can improve the security and risk posture of their companies and how their businesses can benefit from doing so, including the company, employees, customers and supply chain. The Cyber Security Initiative’s resources will make highly experienced CISO-level expertise readily available to members so that they can strategically govern cybersecurity risk at the board level.

Tyson is president and CSO of Apollo Information Systems, a recognized, industry-leading provider of network and cybersecurity solutions, and has worked in cybersecurity for nearly twenty years. During that time, he has consistently advocated for cybersecurity and risk management to be governed by companies' leadership and boards. He will work in his role at PDA to propel that mission.

“Companies are continuing to be victimized by hackers and malware, and it is the job of company leadership to strategically manage cybersecurity risk,” said Tyson. “What’s more, board members and business leaders don’t have a clear idea of the personal risk they assume, when they don’t take their fiduciary responsibility of cybersecurity seriously. We aim to improve the risk management of PDA members by equipping them with the techniques and knowledge that will allow them to govern risks effectively, and do so in a language they understand and in a way that will align with their business. When they’ve mastered this piece of their business it will give them a competitive advantage by providing confidence to their customers and suppliers.”

The Private Directors Association is focused on helping private companies build and use diverse boards of directors and advisory boards to improve their overall value. As a membership organization, the PDA provides critical resources for executives and professionals on board formation and governance and a broad network of professionals and expertise for members.

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