Apollo Information Systems Expands Ransomware Services

Cybersecurity and Network Service Provider Deploys Proven Enterprise Ransomware Solutions to Plan, Build Organizational Resiliency and Decisive Responsiveness to Attacks

Los Gatos, CA – January 12, 2021 –

Apollo Information Systems, a recognized, industry-leading provider of network and cybersecurity solutions and services announced today it will expand its enterprise offering with a robust set of products and services to combat ransomware, led by one of the country’s leading ransomware and incident response professionals.

Ransomware is increasingly becoming the most pressing cyber threats for businesses. They are losing billions every year as they are locked out their sensitive data. Data that are often critical to the organization’s survival. The most common way attackers lock their victims out of their own systems is by inappropriately encrypting the system owner’s data and only providing the encryption keys to unlock the data once the ransom demands have been met. Last year, approximately 1 in 5 organizations were projected to be victims of a successful ransomware attack. In the millions of attacks recorded in the past year, victims included organizations from nearly every business vertical and government level, including healthcare, education, local government, financial services, and manufacturing. 

Successful ransomware attacks can cost organizations millions of dollars and considerable embarrassment when they cannot operate their manufacturing lines, business systems, e-commerce sites, etc. Attackers have added the tactic of copying data before encrypting, threatening that if the ransom is not paid, they will release it to embarrass the organization, sell it on the dark web, and even contact regulators to ensure everyone knows the organization was successfully breached.

Apollo’s ransomware services provide a mission-critical set of assessments and solutions to protect organizations in advance of an attack or help with effective response and recovery after the fact. Apollo can assess current ransomware readiness to defend against and be resilient to ransomware attacks and identify gaps within an organization’s defenses. Apollo’s ransomware preparedness solutions engagement involves examining existing defense technologies and provides solution recommendations to augment the existing environment.

Apollo’s ransomware incident response testing and program development provides a simulated ransomware attack scenario tailored to the organization. This tabletop exercise tests the existing ransomware incident response plan and ensures that response procedures and playbooks are up to the task. Finally, because ransomware is as much about the people in the organization and the decisions they make with technology and defenses, Apollo has an offering to conduct security awareness training for ransomware and a host of other attack prevention capabilities to reduce the likelihood of the organization ever being successfully attacked.

Apollo ransomware services are led by Andy Bennett, a recognized cybersecurity leader with 25 years of experience who architected the security for the State of Texas’ Next Gen Datacenter Services Program, established a statewide MFA program, operationalized the first full spectrum MSSP program for the entire state, and built out the statewide incident response plan and template. In August of 2019, Bennett was the incident commander who led the successful response to the largest coordinated attack against local government in US history, and  led the response to over 100 other high-profile ransomware attacks across Texas and affecting all levels and types of government, including state agencies, universities, colleges, towns, counties, school districts, and law enforcement.

“Ransomware is a major security threat with huge potential impact to business operations and finance,” said Mike Guglielmo, CEO of Apollo. ”Our clients now have access to Andy Bennett, Vice President of Technology and CISO, one of the world’s most practiced ransomware response and prevention leaders, and our complete set of services.”

“I have seen first-hand the level of damage caused by ransomware across multiple industry sectors including government, education, healthcare, and enterprise,” said Bennett. “My goal is to arm our clients with proven, fundamental, techniques and processes to protect against ransomware and minimize the impact and time to remediate and recover from an attack. When it comes to ransomware, an ounce of prevention is worth ten pounds of cure.”

Ransomware response and resilience planning have positive impacts beyond just being more prepared to detect, defend, and recover from ransomware attacks. 

The holistic approach and examination of fundamental best practices that comes with a full spectrum ransomware planning and preparation engagement can help identify future enterprise needs, identify opportunities for tool consolidation, improve communication and operational processes, improve business continuity, refine disaster recovery, and more.  

“Ransomware preparation and resilience is more than a security problem,” added Guglielmo. “ It is a business problem and it belongs to and relies on the whole enterprise to successfully defend against this very real cyberthreat. Some organizations are further along than others when it comes to being prepared for this and any other form of cyberattack, but regardless of what stage or condition the organization is in, Apollo will help ensure the best possible outcome.”

About Apollo Information Systems

Apollo Information Systems, Corp, is a national IT and cybersecurity value-added reseller founded in 2002 to enable our enterprise and government clients to effectively respond to the rapid rise in cybercrime. Apollo is led by battle-tested Chief Information Security Officers with real-world operational experience across multiple industry verticals and government branches. Apollo provides the most advanced security solutions from industry leaders, combined with our expert advisory and professional services with our commitment to the success of our clients. 

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