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The Continual Evolution of Digital Technology Creates Pressure on Firms to Confront These Abundant Business Benefits and New Cyber Risks

The difficult nature of rapidly changing cybersecurity threats and increasing global regulations makes it more critical than ever for firms to build ef fective risk and compliance governance programs.

Apollo's Approach

Apollo’s strategic approach star ts with designing and developing the right Risk Management Program. The program’s goals and objectives, leadership expectations and business needs are important drivers for aligning the right resources. The governance structure’s alignment at executive and operational levels is critical when creating risk management and compliance priorities. Issues like what to measure, what metrics are appropriate at each level of review and the organization cadence expectations are imperative for getting the design right.

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Security Governance

Apollo’s methodology for developing leading governance structures and systems includes data and metrics definition, process integration and program oversight integration.

Security Risk Management

A Risk Management Program incorporates commercially reasonable regulatory compliance, benchmarking against industry frameworks and maturity models and robust business-driven holistic risk management.

Cybersecurity Compliance

Cybersecurity Frameworks are a necessary par t of security compliance programs today. They provide objective security control status on current assurance level as a provider of services. Cybersecurity compliance is of ten voluntary and rarely a legal requirement.

Compliance Framework

Compliance Frameworks have defined testing and audit requirements for an organization’s compliance. These frameworks are defined by government or oversight bodies and require organizations to remain compliant with the specified requirements. Of ten, independent third par ties are used as inspectors to evaluate and confirm compliance levels.

Business Resiliency

Building a cyber-resilient organization is a risk management program that requires focus, planning and resources even during optimal conditions. Still, during the current environment, resiliency reaches directly into the organization’s business model itself. Businesses must be aligned with security, continuity and recovery efforts to develop such plans and ensure they align with the organization’s risk tolerance. While that seems simple, if COVID-19 and 2020 have taught us anything, operations plans need to be truly holistic and realistic with the resource availability.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

The Disaster Recovery Program for organizations starts with a fundamental understanding of the current technology and develops the required playbooks for recovery scenarios. Apollo’s DR program development includes the best practice steps or can be configured to focus on specific pieces of an existing program to improve its maturity.

What Sets Apollo Apart

Apollo professional services are led by boardroom-tested Chief Information Security Officers with real-world operational experience across multiple industry verticals and government branches.

  • Focus

We're singularly focused on helping our clients succeed by protecting them from current and future threats.

  • Experience

We have extensive experience across multiple industries and government entities over the course of many years.

  • Expertise

We have highly respected former CISOs from the public and private sector who work directly with our clients.

  • Approach

We endeavor to understand our clients and the cybersecurity challenges within the unique environments in which they operate.

  • Experience

We do what we say we're going to do and we're not afraid to have tough conversations with our clients.

  • Expertise

We offer consulting, professional services and technology solutions so we're capable of addressing challenges holistically.

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