Austin, TX. April 10, 2022 Leading professionals from network and cybersecurity solutions and service provider Apollo Information Systems, Andy Bennett and Daniel Hankins, will be attending the 2022 Information Security Forum in Austin, Texas, on May 16-17.

Bennett and Hankins are facilitating a cybersecurity awareness game  on May 17, 2022, in the presentation area of the Exhibit Hall in two sessions. The first is scheduled from 10:30 am CT - 11:30 am CT and will convene for a second session from 1 pm CT to 3 pm CT after lunch.

“Cybersecurity awareness doesn't require endless speeches and presentations,” said CISO Andy Bennett. “It is far more important for SLED professionals to exercise the limits of what they do know, rather than being lectured on what they should. Our gamification approach will help reveal where their education may need improvement and reinforce where their strengths are.”

"We look forward to challenging participants with their knowledge and also having a bit of fun at the same time," said Daniel Hankins. "Cybersecurity conferences are critical for testing our knowledge against the rapidly-changing threat landscape, and ISF has long been a pivotal arena for this."

About Apollo Information Systems

Apollo Information Systems, Corp, is a national IT and cybersecurity value-added reseller founded in 2002 to enable our enterprise and government clients to effectively respond to the rapid rise in cybercrime. Apollo is led by battle-tested Chief Information Security Officers with real-world operational experience across multiple industry verticals and government branches. Apollo provides the most advanced security solutions from industry leaders, combined with our expert advisory and professional services with our commitment to the success of our clients.