Los Gatos. February 14, 2022Industry leader of network and cybersecurity solutions and services, Apollo Information Systems announced today they have reached a 20-year milestone.

Founded in 2002, Apollo Information Systems was initially created to help organizations protect their networks just as cyberthreats began taking form. Over twenty years, they have expanded to include a suite of services, products, and solutions for many verticals ranging from federal and state and local government agencies to global enterprise businesses. Built on a model that requires best-in-industry expertise, Apollo has created a team of some of the most sought-after professionals in the industry.

“Even with all that is at stake and how much has changed and evolved, Apollo’s mission has never wavered. Our purpose is to empower people to protect everything they care about,” said CEO Mike Guglielmo in an open letter. “Apollo has never been about fear. As the threat landscape ebbs and flows, the stakes shift higher and higher, and the threat actors become more sophisticated, we refuse to be threatened. Instead, we focus on solutions. We solve the problem, and we work tirelessly in doing so.”

Apollo will continue to move in a people-focused direction where it will bolster its team of cybersecurity experts so that they can respond quickly and nimbly to the ever-emerging cyber threats the world faces.

About Apollo Information Systems

Apollo Information Systems, Corp, is a national IT and cybersecurity value-added reseller founded in 2002 to enable our enterprise and government clients to effectively respond to the rapid rise in cybercrime. Apollo is led by battle-tested Chief Information Security Officers with real-world operational experience across multiple industry verticals and government branches. Apollo provides the most advanced security solutions from industry leaders, combined with our expert advisory and professional services with our commitment to the success of our clients.