About Apollo Services

Apollo professional services are led by boardroom-tested Chief Information Security Officers with real-world operational experience across multiple industry verticals and government branches.  Services are delivered to our clients by top-level experts based in North America, most of which have experience and training from Big 4 Consulting level firms. 

Because honesty is core to Apollo’s values you will never get the “bait and switch” treatment from our consultants, we only hire senior security leaders which means you only receive guidance from battle-tested leaders with years of experience. Apollo is committed to providing the highest quality of services and delivering our clients the results their business requires on time and within budget.

Our business strategy is formed around building fewer long-term mutually beneficial relationships where we can create high levels of value for our customers. While much of the industry is focused on short transactional encounters, our strength comes from investing in our customers to build expertise and experience in how they operate. This knowledge creates leverage for us to create better solutions for our customers. To that end, Apollo’s investment in our customers is unmatched by the industry. 

Apollo employs a world-class security architect / CISO whose role is defined by our customers' success with our products and services. No other end-to-end security provider offers this level of commitment and expertise. This commitment connects past, present, and future sales together by performance and client success.

We have specialized offerings and experience in almost all business verticals and technologies and utilize a combination of Apollo proprietary methodologies and industry best practices based on the engagement and customer need.

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